Jtech capable of cutting thick wood?

Considering the jtech laser. Is it capable of cutting through 1/4" baltic birch ply? I’m guessing it will take more than one pass, that’s ok.

My Jtech 7w is great for engraving but good luck at cutting plywood. Plywood is hard to cut to start with because of the different plys and the glue. And to be honest no matter how many passes you make you probably won’t get thru it. Air assist helps but the laser was just not made for that. My.02

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On a fixed focus laser it is hard to do multiple passes and get a good edge, as each pass will be more and more out of focus (so you will get a slanted cut as the beam widens) A 40W CO2 laser cuts 1/4" just fine (often with a single pass but to do that is full power and low moving [read: fire potential] so air assist will help).

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So basically if you want to cut, get a different device.(Glowforge) but for simple engraving, an add-on to the XC is ok. Got it.

Thanks all!