Jtech laser help

I purchased the 3.8 laser setup it up following the instructions . so when turn it on I get 1 green light but no laser . there is a slide button by the leds when i t slide the switch I get both LEDs and the laser which I can only assume is at full power . I am unable to adjust the power settings or turn the laser on or off with the command line

When you first plug in the laser you must hit the reset button before it will power on.

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Links to setup properly


When you slide the switch you are turning on the laser at full power. that is the CW and input control mode switch. when you set it to CW it is on full power (Constant Wave). when in this mode you can not change it from full power. this switch needs to be in the input control mode so that you can change power with the G-Codes sent from the controller.

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had the same issue until i realized you need to hit the reset button after turning the key on! make sure your grbl has correct setting enabled for PWM and Laser Mode, i also followed the same directions kennethconnell linked to from the jtech website when i set up my machine!

thanks all I was running a test and ran into a issue knocked my spindle mount off track , finally got it sorted but will go back and start from the beginning in setting up the laser . I really want to get some pic engraving done