Jtech laser issues

i got the 3.8w kit. i have temp hooked it up followed the kinda lacking instructions on diff programs to install there grbl setup. and figured out how to run the commands in the new to me programs.

sofar no cnc movement. will not connect in ugcs.
no lights on the laser board. no laser beam…

i am gonna try again tomorrow or i cant again until thur/fri. cant this weekend working for the next 17 days straight. so no real free time.

by temp wired.
i plan on adding a 4 pin quick disconnect between laser and xcarve with wire inside the drag chain so the controller is not on the table or on top of the z. so its out of dusts way and when i want to laser i just snap laser into place and plug the laser into the connector and done…

my temp mount to make sure it would work before i make my quick one i want to do…

i am holding the wire close to the driver thing for the photo(the yellow/black solder wire.)

i tryed to flip the spindle switch from top middle and bottom without the laser board leds turning on.

im sure i might of missed something. or possibly i could of not got the settings thing uploaded right. not sure. but figured i would post to see if anyone spotted something stupid like + and - are backwards or something.

One thing to keep in mind when you hook it up, you have to hit the reset button before anything will happen, to include the LEDs won’t light either.

did not know that lemme go try!

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sohitting the reset button with evertyhing on burned a nicelil hole threw my test piece quicker then i could shut it off… so atleast the laser turnson. do i have to hit reset every time i want to do anything? figured that was a ISHTF button of some sort.

Only when you first plug it in.

It is a safety feature, so if the power goes off and comes back on without being turned off it won’t start a fire.

Is the driver switched to CW Mode or Input Control Mode? It would help if you read the instruction manual.


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ITL. where it was when i got it.

<dyslexc. i do great with photos. reading/writing i a very weak point for me.

$14=1.0 NOT $14=1 so it movesmanually now to try it with a small half file from there demo program.

I recommend you upgrade to this version of grbl.


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I will next time i get to play with it. Atm gotta get ready for bed.

My laser stays on as soon as I power it on. I’ve tried the switch in both positions. My M0 commands do nothing. What am I doing wrong?

The switch should be in the up position. What program are you using to run the laser?

Mine was doing that out of the box , it was defective , jay sent me a new unit …