JTech Laser not turning on after X-Controller upgrade

I finally got around to upgrading my X-Carve to the X-Controller a couple months back and was able to use the router side right away. This week I needed to use the laser for the first time since upgrading and I’ve been having a lot of trouble.

The symptoms:

  • Axis movement works
  • Fans on laser kit work
  • Laser itself doesn’t turn on

Things I’ve tried:

  • Ensuring PWM settings were set correctly
  • Different versions of GRBL (1.0c X-Carve fork, 1.1f, 1.0c JTech fork)
  • Different programs (LaserWeb4, UGS, Easel [advanced settings to send commands directly])
  • Using M3 and M4, with Laser Mode on and off

I tested via trying to have the laser move about an inch rather slowly, pretty easy to see that the laser isn’t turning on in that timeframe. Any thoughts on what I’m missing?

Help would be much appreciated!

Did you hit the reset button after you plugged it in? Required after plugging it in.

I hit the reset on the main laser board, the fans weren’t running prior to that, but after hitting it the fans started working. Laser was still a no go though :confused:

Just as a test, use the CW/PWM switch in the CW position on the laser controller to make sure that the laser still works.

Aye, laser turns on when I flip that switch.

So, we know the laser works, so it must be a PWM issue.

Just to try and manage things let’s pick a tool chain to work with so that we don’t have too many variables.

My preference would be to use my version of grbl (Xcarve_JTech_grbl_11_12_2016) and UGCS version 1.0.9. These are stable products and I’m more familiar with them.

If you would rather use a different tool chain for testing, we can do that as well.

Just pick one and let’s stay with it until we find the problem.

As a first thought, open the X-controller and make sure that all of the connecting cables are completely seated in their sockets. You can close the retainers before the connectors are actually seated properly.

Place the CW/PWM switch back in the PWM position and test.

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Oy vey! I opened up the x-controller and found one of the ribbon cables wasn’t fully clicked in! Everything seems to be working now. Sorry for having such a silly issue! Only other thing on that cable was the limit switches, and I haven’t actually used those since the upgrade because I have to re-solder one of them.Glad it was something easy. Thanks for your time Larry!

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Thanks for being polite when others help! we are really lucky to have a community of makers who are so generous with their time.