Jtech Laser on guitar parts

Hi all

I used the 3.8w laser for the first time on an actual guitar part,

The G logo on indian rosewood on an OM acoustic,

I then tried a burn on a Tele body,

The Tele body was done on the xcarve but was a test an not destined for playing,

also I had a spruce top which i cut a flower petal pattern in and then surrounded it with a laser cut leaf/flower pattern . it coughed a couple of times while streaming and you can see where it stalled, a couple of deep burns , its an old PC in the shed using DDR2 ram so hardly up to date ,

I used PEP5 and Picsender for the laser work and meshcam and UGS for carving wood on at that time a stock 400w 48V spindle
I have upgraded to a Makita rt700 and Damn it there go all my ER collets (hmpfff) so haven’t had a carve with it yet,

The laser is awesome fun and i plan to use it more on guitars ,


Australia ( oi oi oi)


Damn, now I have to upgrade to the 3.8w laser! The designs look awesome, well done!

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adding some pics

Telecaster Necks, Pine test - Success-
Liquid Amber and Gidgee - fail,

skipped a step on the back, and carving uncovered a woodworm hole in the fret board, AND!!! i forgot to put the truss rod in. (bhwhahahaaa) the back is a mess,

saveable though,

Cut truss rod in from the back, patch hole with inlay? neck will have zero fret hence the far right nut slot, good practice,

3D electric guitar top from construction ply ,skipped a few steps on back so hit cancel
, fail and damn shame , that’s kinda purdy :slight_smile: just got excited with the power of the new Makita,

can save it by hand from here, was pushing too hard on snapped and spliced gt2 belts while new ones arrive,
Kinda forgot that shops and services shut down over Xmas,

cut3D PicSender Larry’s GRBL X-Carve


1/2" round bit,
25% step
2 mmDOC
4000 mm/min
makita r700 10Krpm dial 1


1/2" bit
0.5mm DOC
5000 mm/min
10Krpm Dial 1


Keep up the good work! I have a hunk of pine that will work fine for a little neck test. If it works out I think I will use it for a door handle. Are you going to cut your fret slots by hand?

Thanks Bill

I got greedy with feeds and speeds , poor little xcarve was chugging like a little train up a big hill. my new 9mm belts arrived so its upgrade time again, and then carve on, carving matching neck to this body is next , nervous and excited,

Hi Rob

I have a nice pile of kindling from test pieces :wink: my main issue is registration accuracy for the 2 sided carve, i think i may have it sorted, user error of course,

I bought the neck from a geezer (bloke) in England , his 20 year job is cadcam and he does guitars as well,

I don’t mind paying for someones work if i get value from it, I got a tele and a strat + necks, a stock tele body and a tele body with the strat contours on it, , necks are compound 9.5 to 14" zero fret, I’m a big fan of zero fret, i paid $500, beautiful drawings, renders are quite lovely to look at,

the ply Gibby Top !! yeah that was a surprise , I didn’t plan to do a 2 sided cut as i was just going to test it and hang it on the wall, it looked good enough to use, if the laminates don’t peel of course,

I have a crazy end grain top as well, the gibby is the FabRabbit one that was for sale for ages around the net, It was $50 i think,