JTechPhotonic laser & X-Carve configuration

Hi all, I have searched about this information in more detail but I cant find what I want, in addition to the section of the mount for the laser I would like to create this to talk about the x-carve and the configuration of grbl with the laser (software and hardware ) for engraving images and cutting also what you use to send the g code …

Besides , my situation… I have the 2.8W but it seems that the grbl not communicating with the laser electronic because with the diferent commands to " power off "the laser, it stay with the same power and when I load the g code on UGS, chillippr ,etc tells me that are invalid codes
i also use the JTechPhotonic hex file for a while but doesnt change anything

Thanks & greetings.

I use PicSender and PicLaser Lite JTech version from PicEngrave located here; http://www.picengrave.com/ together with JTechPhotonic GRBL.

The software is top notch and John and Jeff are easy to contact and work with.
Jay at JTech is also just an email away.

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I regret not being grateful before the answer I’ve been really busy , talk a bit and they showed me many things , how you go with it ? make nice projects ? you know how is the equivalent for the full power of the laser when is flashed with the normal xcarve grbl fimware ?


It all depends on what you use the laser for. If you just want to cut and make vector graphics, nomal grbl is fine. If you want to do pictures, you will need the custom version from Jtechphotonics.com which is optimized for laser graphics.

Guys. Need some help. Recently got a uno/gshieldv5 for my xcarve kit and jtech 3.8w laser. Loaded grbl from Inventables and it runs smoothly but laser poweris.SXXXX. So I went and loaded jtech I can turn laser with SXXXX but the movement of the motors is uberly slow. I checked the setting to the same I hade with Inventables grbl but did not work. Any suggestions?

Make sure you are in the correct english or metric setting and it matches your work.