Jumpy, jittery, bumpy, choppy curves

Can you guys help me out in identifying why I’m getting these jumpy curves? The machine is all dialed in and squared up.

Check your design for extra nodes.

The file is clean:

Could this be because Easel doesn’t allow arc commands? Grbl $12 is at 0.002

that would be my guess as well

So I used the same SVG file in Fusion 360 and did basic GBRL post processing and used UGS to send… it cut without the bumps in the curve. So I think Easel is to blame. That’s not really great resolution for curves in my opinion. I’m surprised I’ve not heard more about it on here. Is there something I can do to bump up the resolution in Easel?

Not much as they limit the resolution due to offsite processing. Same reason for very long process times on complex carves. Check me if I’m wrong.