Just a couple of questions

Last night during a carve the project broke loose and caused the bit to run into it. I had to stop everything and manually raise the z-axis to get it out. Is there a way to automatically resume the carve or do you have to manually lower it back to it’s last position then resume?

How long should a basic carve take? Just playing around with it trying to get to know it a little better I made a quick sign. 2 words with a symbol found in easel. It took well over 2 hours to complete. That seems a little excessive for something so simple. I thought perhaps it was cutting too little per pass. Is it possible to safely speed it up?

I won’t say it is 100% impossible, but it is very unlikely you’ll be able to salvage the cut.

Better to start over.
And always double check everything beforehand when doing important cuts

As far as speed goes…it all depends…what spindle are you using? What size and type of bit are you using? What material are you cutting? What speeds and depth of cut were you cutting that seemed too slow?

I have the Dewalt 611. I was using a 1/4" ball nose bit and the default settings in easel. The material was just some cheap scrap wood, probably pine.

The one that failed may have been my fault trying to make deeper cuts per pass by increasing the default 0.028 in depth per pass to 0.038. The Feed rate remained at 30 in/min. The end result was the bit cutting into my waste board. Not sure why.

A ballnose 1/4" bit should be able to handle that speed and depth of cut with no issue…were you cutting a pocket? Cutting lines? How did the material come loose? Did you lose steps and the bit dove into the wood?

It was 1/8" cutting and 1/4" shank. I’m not really sure what happened. I used the same type of wood, thickness, width and length as on a previous carve that was perfect. This one just cut the outline too deep for some reason.

It was cutting the piece out when it broke loose causing the bit to drive into the wood. It was at the end of that piece. It did also leave one small section incomplete. It’s strange, it will work perfectly on one project, then go nuts on another just like it.

Thanks, I’ll add more next time. It was set to use only 4. It’s just kind of odd that it cut so deep this time. Every other time it left a very thin “skin” around it and never touched the waste board. this time it cut about 1/16" into it.