Just a friendly reminder to CHECK your BRUSHES!

Just a friendly reminder to check your brushes! I never changed mine and today I lost out on an 8.5 hour carve! My brushes completely died 6.5 hours through the carve thus me having to restart it once I got the new brushes (a completely new router)… Oh well lesson learnt! Also make sure to keep spares! I tried to save the carve, and noone locally sold the brushes, hell even everyone was sold out of the router so I had to make a 4 hour round trip to find one out of town, just for easel to crap out and not unpause my carve…

Anyways here is a picture between brand new brushes and ones that are completely dead


Ouch! I have replacement brushes bookmarked, but I think it’s time to just order a set and keep them in reserve.

Thanks for the reminder!


Does anyone have a good place to purchase brushes for the EU version of the dewalt? (D26204K)