Just a share of what I have been producing lately on the XCarve for some Christmas gifts

All of these are 6x8" and lined with felt. I would be doing more but winter has come and the propane needs to flow, so to work I go.


the cock box!!!


Those aare nice can you post pictures of the side and inside. thanks

Unfortunately, they all got wrapped and put under the tree before i had the thought to take an interior shot.

The inside was a simple felt job on the bottom and sides of the lower part with a felt panel on the underside of the lid,
I plan on making some more of these to sell based upon the reaction they generated, I may even incorporate some sort of tray or till inside as well. I’ll get some more pics up here when I do, both outside AND IN!

Where did you get the file for the Oak Leaf? My wife is Canadian and would love something like that.

Like Phil said, standard with v carve pro, 8.0 and 8.5 not sure about desktop though.

I found for flocking that an empty ketchup or mustard bottle works as well if not better than the cardboard tube.

I have a few of these empty bottles. I use a different color in each one.

I tried the flocking tube and wasnt really overwhelmed with the results, but it may have been me as much or more than the flocking.
For a felt liner, I use clean cereal box or pizza box cardboard and spray glue the felt to it then cut it with a manual rotary cutter that was a hand me down from my wife’s quilting studio. I can usually do the whole bottom and sides of a box in one piece, scoring the cardboard on the fold lines where the side and bottom meet. .