Just a word of caution

The X-Carve logo… I never really paid attention to how it was made. It always looked like it machined on and not painted black, but I was very wrong. It’s stickers made from very thin metal and is very sharp! I was cleaning up after a carve a couple of weeks ago and didn’t realize the top left corner of the “X” had been bent down. Not even sure how it happened. But not seeing it I ran my finger across it and received a pretty deep cut. Not cool. Being a guitar player, very not cool. A bit of super glue and I back in business.

Anyway, just wanted to put that out there and maybe save someone else some glue or maybe even a trip to the ER.

CA is a product derived from research concerning closing wounds efficiently and fast without stitches :stuck_out_tongue:
Military field hospitals…


You have to stop the bleeding first.
Also keep a good clotting agent near by.

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I probably use super glue on me more than anything else. :laughing:

Reminds me of the girl that spilt hot coffee on herself and sued. haha. Good to know! I am now scared to clean my machine.

Here’s the troublemaker. Like a freakin’ scalpel!

I have upgraded to the new rail and it does not have that on it.
so I have been spared.

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What’s the deal with that?

Have you actually read the court briefs for that coffee lawsuit?

The basis for it was the company choosing to store the coffee at 170 degrees, selecting that temperature since it was optimal for longevity of storage, rather than the industry standard of 140 degrees which is the normal serving temperature.

Yeah I saw some sort of documentary on it, on how big companies ccorrupted media to make it seem that way etc… lol

Looks like you have a custom machine. Different stepper motors? They look bigger than the ones I bought with mine.

Ya he has a thread on it.


Dang! And I’m just trying to get mine to cut a proper circle! lol

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it bit me too! haha nbd

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