Just about ready to order

I’m in the final stages before placing an order for the 1000mm X-Carve. I’ve read a lot of the forum posts trying to learn what I can to make sure I order the right items. Shipping to Canada will be expensive (plus the exchange rate!) so I hope to get it right the first time.

I will be ordering the X-Controller instead of the stock power supply and motion controller. This will take longer than getting the X-Carve items but that’s fine.

During assembly I plan to stiffen the maker slides for the axes and to use shrink wrap, cable wraps and use locking connectors wherever seems appropriate.

I’ve read lots about the belts slipping - any recommendations for improvements?

It seems that lots of people don’t like the eccentric nuts and/or have issues with alignment , etc. so I’m hoping to instead use eccentric spacers and nylock nuts. Anyone have a parts list of the number and size of the spacers, nuts and (longer) screws that will be needed? Any comments or suggestions?

Are there other mods/upgrades you would consider mandatory? Best dust shoe, etc.?

A dust shoe is a must… Without one you’ll be constantly monitoring and vacuuming your machine. You can make one but being new to cnc’ing you may want to just purchase the Suckit dust boot www.suckitdustboot.com. It was a kickstarter project that is now for sale. Also, get extra belts and extra milling bits, you will break them. Below is a link to one milling bit that I have had great success with. I’ve used this bit to cut aluminum, arcylic and many other materials with great results. http://www.mcmaster.com/#4557a143/=12btgg2


Order placed last night. Now the waiting…

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