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I don’t know how many of y’all have experience carving cypress (Bald Cypress in my case) but I figured I’d share my experience with fellow noobs to carving. I have found that using a V bit produces less than desirable results w/out a TON of sanding. Because the wood is very sappy and fiberous, the V bit tends to part grain rather than cut it cleanly. Of course, it’s a little better in raster or pro mode but you still get it. It does however, cut very cleanly using a compression/down cut fluted bit.

No grand enlightenment I’m sharing here, I know but; just figured I’d pass the info along…before I go sand a bunch of loose grain out of my lettering.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I tend to run v-carves twice or three times on stringy wood. It really cleans things up.


Interesting, thanks!

What other woods would you call “stringy”?

Maybe there some way to treat the wood to minimize this. I have never tried it and do not have any to test. Its been a while since I can even use my system. :confused: Weather and now I am on night watch and have duties during the day as well. So no time to set up jobs and I never leave my system unattended for more than 15 min at a time.

For me poplar tends to leave stringing or fuzzy finishes, basswood also…pine at times…it all comes down to bit sharpness, grain direction, softness of wood…I usually get more stringing with v-carving…3d carves are usually much cleaner.

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