Just finished

Just finished my latest carve for a 3d wall project, done in 6 pieces and assembled. 150lb urethane foam, finished in metallic gold.Left minimal tooling marks on purpose per the customer’s request to give it a rough carved look. Hard to get a decent pic because of the metallic paint, Maybe after the install. Looks awesome in person.


Very Nice! What program did you use to make this? I have VCarve Pro, and I wish now I would have purchased Aspire instead.

Looks pretty awesome in the pic too!!

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I used Aspire to make the toolpath from the .stl file, but i believe you can import .stl files into vcarve as well or even meshcam.


Vectric has a great upgrade policy. You just pay the difference between VCarve Pro and Aspire. I got VCarve Desktop and liked it so much I upgraded to Pro within a week. I can see the possibility of upgrading to Aspire. It took my X-Carve to a whole 'nother level.

Where did you get the file to create this?

I usually scan my own, but this file was provided by the client. You can find a lot on ebay and sites like it. Just search for cnc 3d stl or artcam or 3D relief. But you usually need to alter the files in a program such as zbrush or blender before it will be usable for a cnc. Thingiverse is also a great site for free stl files

Another question…how was adding the paint onto the foam? was it clean?

If you use high density foam, like this product Foam inventables only sells small pieces I buy 4x8 sheets of a different brand, it works great, Sands like wood if nessassary, light in weight cuts like butter, but very pricey. I just spray it with spray paint, no fuss, finish looks beautiful.

Yeah I should’ve dropped the model down a bit (I usually do). Only you would notice it :slight_smile: lol luckley the client was fine with it.

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It looks great.

If you have the current version you can upgrade to Aspire basically for the difference in price.

Do you mind sharing what bits you used to cut this?

@PastorOfMuppets Sure, I used a 1/4 inch straight single flute for the rough pass and a 1/8th inch ball nose for the finish pass.


@RobertCanning I’ve done it here and there with just a finish pass, but this is a really dense foam and at the cost of this material I kinda prefer to play it safe. But yes just a finish pass is possible, it all depends on my fear level that day :slight_smile:

Ive just got my x carve together and seeing that just made my day!. I have a ton to learn but that is awesome