Just for fun - 10 minute projects

Saw this on a t-shirt today so I had to try and carve one - because it’s awesome

What could possibly be more American than Lincoln on a T-rex with the American Flag!


T-rex holding a handgun and a big mac?


With a beer.

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What a bunch of bullies! !

Thats America!

Go 'Murica!


You have to have something to cut the burger in half and turn off the tv.

I would like to see other designs with the T-Rex holding a rifle! (or a beer)

Here are the files if you want to start with what I had.

The Zip file has the Vcarve CRV file and a SVG file

Lincoln on a Dinasour.zip (1.3 MB)

Have fun

I don’t mess with .svg files so I don’t know if this is usable or not. Have a look.

Lincoln on a Dinasour with musket.zip (17.2 KB)

Sounds like a winning answer to a game of Clue.

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Nicely done! But you lost the American flag,

So I score it as +100 for T-Rex +1 for musket, -1 for flag so American score = 100

Yeah, it was too busy with the flag. The musket got lost so I dumped the flag.

My bad. :smile:

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