Just found a source for stl files

While poking around on the web this morning I found a site that seems to have free STL files for down load and in the spirit of the forum I thought i would share.

I have downloaded a couple and am about to tinker with them hut I am not sure yet if they will work or not.

best to all,


edit: I just ran one in vcarve pro and it works!


Thanks , grate

DAMNIT! I need to finish my new table build so I cab get to using my vcarve. I bought it almost 2 weeks ago and haven’t had the time to use it. :frowning:


Thanks. I’ve grabbed a few but ran out of time. Will be back for more

I found a nice site for relief pictures and a nice free STL converter.


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Thanks for sharing

It actually Hungarian, and you can see some of mine and Jeff’s (picengravertoo posting as jjwmachineco) early laser engraving work on the English section of the forum.

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Here’s a guy giving away thousands of dollars worth of STL files on the CNCzone forum.
Do you like me now?


This is great, now I’ll never get any of my work done :wink:

Glad to be of service! You really didn’t want to do anything resembling work any way right?:smiley:

You forgot this thread for our software programs.

:flushed: 'Tis Hades to get old.

That’s terrific.

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Or a bottle in front of me…

It is in Russian. Are you kidding me?