Just getting started

Hey all, I’ve been lurking \ reading ever since I ordered my XCarve last week. I just received notification that my XController has shipped - which means I’ll be staring at it in a few days wishing the rest of the kit would arrive.

I was reading all the posts I could, and I’ve got a LOT of bookmarks \ notes, but I had a question about control.

I plan to setup and start with Easel, so I can get acclimated to the machine, but ultimately I want to switch to using Mach3 (already have) so I was wondering the following …

Easel requires internet connectivity, UGS is local to my machine.

VCarve and similar software (which can send gcode, right?) require something like Chillipepr (or will UGS also work), but from what I can tell Chillipepr requires internet access as well.

If I want to be completely free of internet dependency, what do I need?

Thanks in advance!

V-carve -> UGCS -> X-carve No network needed.

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From what I have been reading, to go to Mach 3, you will also need an entirely different controller as well.