Just opening boxes now to start putting it together

Smooth Spacers? Where were they supposed to be located in the kit? Just took everything out of the box and can’t locate them anywhere. I figured they would of been in the bag with the v wheels and everything else in step 1.

I haven’t opened all the other individual bags for sake of keeping things organized. Currently they are all placed on a table. Just looking over them I don’t see the spacers anywhere :frowning:

The spacers might be in a different bag, I found that not always was everthing in the correct bag for the assembly step. Also lots of times the naming used in the instructions didn’t always match up to the name on the bag. I usually looked that the SKU and found them that way (although sometimes that didn’t match up either).

The spacers don’t seem to be in that picture.

I took all the hardware out of the individual boxes and placed the bags so that the labels were facing down, that helped me locate individual items. I am a visual person so descriptions sometimes mess me up.

Oh and make sure you have a large enough area to lay everything out like you have in the picture, then group bags by types, such as screws, nuts, etc.

Yeah just went through everything else and am just heading out to Fastenal now to see if they have some. Quantity in kit is supposed to be 10?

No luck there, gonna have to wait to put together the rest of the machine. Have done everything else that I can currently.