Just ordered my Xcarve

Been looking for a long time. Time has been an issue. Hoping I can have more over the winter. Excited to get it here. Figured if I ordered it now, if I can get it by the end of Sept maybe or there about, I can get it together and start the learning process. Cant wait!


Hello and welcome. I received mine earlier this year and it has been great. Lots of useful information in the forum. Great projects being shared and very helpful people. What do you plan on making with your x-carve, if I may ask?

Welcome to the family…

Follow @PhilJohnson 's tutorials… especially the one where he walks through squaring the machine.


Welcome. It’s a great group to learn from. I got my xcarve earlier this year. The learning curve has been exceptional

Winter is coming


That dragon head is sweet. What software do you use?

I purchase it for cgtrader.com for $10 US.