Just ordered the Xcarve!

I been wanting the Xcarve for few years now. Last night I got an amazing deal with $220 off :sunglasses: I am so excited to be part of the community and can’t wait to start making and creating!


glad to have you! Look forward to seeing your first project.

Welcome to the community! May your projects be many and your bit snaps be few. :slight_smile:

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Awesome. Congratulations!!

Hi everyone! I was wondering if there is any information on what I should do to prep for the arrival of the Xcarve. For example, does anyone recommend any type of setup. I plan on assembling everything in my garage.

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Ordered the weekend of Black Friday…still waiting for an update on shipping. Have you received any updates?

I ordered on the 26 of November and have not heard or recieved a single thing. I think they just got a lot of orders to fill. let me know if you have any updates.

i ordered mine in the 29th of november and they let me know it will be shipped out on the 21 of december
. very excited

Just got few emails of shipment! Here we go!

I too recently ordered my x-carve 1000 and am so excited!! As @ThanhNguyen asked a few days ago, in preparation for its arrival, what things (ex. tools, supplies, etc) should we be sure to have on hand before starting assembly? Any recommendations/suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated!!

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Allen keys and a soldering iron

Often over looked, fire extinguisher. Get one that will work on electrical wiring as well as wood. If you plan on cutting metal make sure the extinguisher works for cooling and lubricating oil fires.

I received a few boxes. I’m not sure if there is more coming…plus I’m super busy with the holidays. Hence I will wait till after the new year and open everything. Super excited. I will be posting pictures when i get home!

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I’m with you I ordered on Dec. 1st and still have yet to hear anything about shipping.

After I ordered mine there was no contact from Inventables. It was just delivered four weeks after I ordered it.

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