Just ordered xcarve

Good morning to you as well.

I do also machine metal but that is not why I bought them.

I also bought the three pack kit from Elair (I believe they were 1/4-1/8-3/16) but the bits would get stuck in the collets and I would have to use some side cutters to grip the collet and tap them out with a hammer.

I inspected the router for damage (none found) I also checked the bits for burrs (none found) but when I installed the presision collets on the same bits in the same router no more sticking in the router.

So I can only come the conclusion that it was not the bits or the router that was causing this issue it was the stock style collets. what I want to point out to the new users is that with the higher quiltity nuts and collets that you not only get better performance but I would have saved money by just getting them first.

kinda like the users that bought the 1/4 to 1/8 adapter that they have so much trouble with. not that it will not work and some users experience no problems with them, but they are not a good solution and they are even cheaper than the Elair collets but no one recommends them as you get what you pay for.

link to cheap collet adapter https://www.inventables.com/technologies/collet-adapter

I would also like to point out that if you are getting a probe that you are better off buying the three axis probe from @CharleyThomas . or making one that is similar so that you can probe all three axis.

you can get the one from Invenables but it will only probe the Z height. you will use and be better off spending the extra money for the three axis probe as you will need it as some point when precision becomes important.

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I started out with one of those adaptor sleeves too when I bought my machine.
I would never recommend one.
Their good in certain tools, but not in this case.
If anyone wants it, they can have it.

That’s weird,I have never had a bit stick in the collet.
Seems to me that would be a manufacturing defect.

Its nice to have but i havent needed it alot since i started using it. only thing i did was buy the 500 and not i wished i would have purchased the bigger one you are limited on what you can carve on the smaller model.

I haven’t used my probe