Just placed my order for an X-Carve 1000

I’ve been hanging out and reading the forum for weeks now, have played around with Easel and just placed my order for the 1000mm X-Carve. I also ordered V-Carve desktop and a J-Tech 2.8w laser. Yesterday, I ordered one of Charley’s touch plates and have purchased a few accessories ahead of time:

Digital scale for belt tensioning
A set of 1-2-3 blocks
A surface indicator
Some sort of mystery substance called Blue Loctite :wink:

So while I wait for my boxes to show up, I’ll keep reading, drool over some of the awesome projects I see here and of course build a nice table to put my new X-Carve on.




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Welcome, look forward to seeing your creations. These forums are awesome and there are some really helpful fantastic guys on here sharing their expertise. @PhilJohnson is king!

When you see UPS coming down the road but they go by without stopping…


Thanks everyone, this community seems to be a great one, and I’ve learned a lot about potential trouble shooting already. Now if I could just speed up the clock by 6 to 8 weeks, I could start playing with my X-Carve.

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… sorry about that. I will clean it up… my bad

Have you guys gotten yours yet? Mine was here, complete, in 10 days. I didn’t order the wasteboard or any of the various goodies they offer, though.