Just Purchased 1000x1000 now the waiting...I need shop location help

After weeks of research i decided to give in and i just purchased the 1000x1000 CNC bundle I’m at a 3 week ship wait estimate but i see something have been shipped already smile: I cant wait! but I have to… In the mean time i need ideas on where I’m going to set up. I don’t have a basement. My garage is non insulated and needs work ()but doable). The only other viable option i have is my office. I have room but it might be to noisy since it is next to living room. I would like to build a table for it and still yet to design it. Any Ideas on what I can do while I anxiously wait? I already watched like 100 hours of youtube videos and install vids LoL


There are some YouTube videos that show how to build an enclosure for the X-Carve. However, there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration more than the noise. Dust is the first. Even with dust collection there is the potential for dust if the bristles are not making contact with the wood(overlap). This is where the enclosure can help, otherwise it may create a cleaning nightmare in your office. Also, if you have, and you should, dust collection, the vacuum seems to make more noise than the router does.