Just Purchased the XCarve Upgrade

Questions?? Is there a video on installing the new upgrade. Or better yet a certain sequence to follow when installing.

Well assuming you assembled the x carve yourself, you are just removing some parts and replacing them with the new ones.


In the instructions on this website there is detailed instructions and pictures for the upgrade kit.


X-Carve Instructions: Z-Axis Upgrade Kit (inventables.com)

X-Carve Instructions: 9mm Belt Upgrade Kit (inventables.com)

I used both sets of directions and it went very well mechanically (much longer than 2.5 hours). I’m just having trouble with the X-Y axis being out of scale. 4"x4" carves now at 6"x6". I’m not a GRBL expert so trying to figure out how to do this.

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Check out my post in this thread…that should allow you to make the changes fairly easily.

Calibrating my X-carve 1000 - X-Carve - Inventables Community Forum

Did you type in the commands it showed to type in the instructions when you changed the belts ?

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Just figured out that I missed some of the command changes. The directions had them spread out and I just didn’t see the X / Y changes. The laptop I use for the X-carve has a tiny screen. Thanks to all who replied though.

I just did the upgrade and used the instructions that Martin showed above. Its a pretty straight forward thing except do not buy into the “2.5 hour” time to do both the belts and the Z Axis. I had the most trouble with the stiffeners and they took almost the 2.5 hours to do. Otherwise it’s not bad at all. make sure you reset the Grbl settings as shown on the instruction last page. Enjoy once its done. I did experience that the new axis is much noisier than the OEM axis but from what I can gather, that is the norm.

I’ve run the new upgrade about 5 times and have had to retighten nearly every bolt and wheel. I’m hoping this isn’t a constant tweaking that will be needed. I get that I am running faster and harder, and maybe I just need to start cranking down on the screws. I’ve had my X-Carve for nearly 7 years and run a thousand jobs only tightening things up a handful of times prior to this. I’d like to know if others experience bolts shimmying loose often.

@IanMcrury @DavidSanek you might want to take a look at this, it’ll be good to keep in mind and address the issue b4 you actually get a crash as a result of this issue… Easel Is BROKEN - The Fix for lost GRBL settings - YouTube

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Thanks! I’d like to think I’d have noticed or thought about that, but chances are unlikely and I probably would have lost my material to a bad carve.

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Thanks. I actually already watched this. Found it the other day. Great information.

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