Just purchased XCarve. What do you wish you knew to avoid some headaches?

I just purchased a used X Carve1000. Less than a year old with lots of bells and whistle‘s. We are brand new to CNC and eager to learn. We will primarily be using the machine for a small woodworking business carving cutting boards. Looking for any nuggets you can share to shorten the learning curve or just avoid some common missteps. What best practices do you recommend?

Take some time and read the forum. I’m six months in and have found answers to almost all the issues I have had. When you run into a problem you can’t find on the forum just ask this is a very helpful group.


I bought a used Xcarve and believed it had been aligned properly. I spent two months realizing it hadn’t been done properly or at all. I would suggest going thru the alignment procedures to verify it has been done. This will also give you insight to what adjustments there are and what they effect. There are videos showing step by step on how to do it.

  1. I should have trimmed the machine, checked it and trimmed it again.
  2. Loctite
  3. EMF disruptions and how to solve it.
  4. I should have installed my Triquetra Touchprobe on day 1