Just reminder for V-Carve Pro Users

V-Carve Pro 8.5 is available to upgrade on vectric site for those who didn’t upgrade yet.
just login on following link for easy access.



SInce I am in the midst of a continuing project I am hesitant to make an upgrade from ver. 8.0 to 8.5 at this time as I am not sure if I can get back into my existing project files since it appears to be a completly new program according to Vectric, not an upgrade to 8.0.

Does anyone know if I will be able to run my current existing stuff on the new program?

I just upgraded to 8.5. I had to download and install the new version. It was evidently to large a change to apply the normal incremental upgrade that they do for minor changes.

But it was quick to download and even quicker to install. When I started 8.5, it remembered all the settings I had in the previous version. It even had the same list of recently used files to open. So nothing was lost. Your old version of Vcarve is also left installed so you can still run the old version if you really want to.

The new moulding tool path is incredible! Even though it is not really allowing you to create a 3D model, it is the next best thing, For the first time you are able to apply simple round overs, or any shape you can imagine to your surfaces. I found I can even use it to make decorative bowls. I suppose you can use it to make mouldings also, Before this upgrade you would need a program like Aspire to do a 2 rail sweep. Now the software you have can do it for no extra cost,.

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And addition to Allen’s highlights, you will have complete make over, new directory, new desktop icon. Good thing is installation carries over all configurations. Just erase old icon from desktop, that is it. Yes, fillet option for any corners regardless of 90 degree angle or not. And, it imports SVG files now.

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