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Happy with a piece I finished for my desk at work and just wanted to share. 1" acrylic sign with a stained poplar base and frame all machined on my X-Carve. The orange portal is glued on the back side of the acrylic and the blue portal was just carved in the clear acrylic and then added some blue water based paint.


Nice job. Acrylic signs is something I want to start doing, myself.

Excellent job. That really looks great

Thats pretty cool… Well Done

That came out great. Well done.

I really like the dual portal, it adds an appearance of depth.
nice work!

The cake is a lie

Oh yes. GlaDos will be annoyed at you

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Oh you need to play the games. they are fantastic. Not very long. Family friendly (well GlaDos is trying to kill you but it isn’t that bad)

Not familiar with the term portal regarding theses signs. I see the effect, but don’t understand the terminology in this context

Portal is the name of the Game that takes place at Aperture Laboratories

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Thanks for that. I guess I thought it had something to do with the light itself. I guess I’m a little too old to be too hip hop happenin’ with the gaming shim sham

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I hear ya. Me too

The Portal 2 trailer, I remember seeing this during E3 that year and being so damn excited for it…

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Portal was excellent! Wait, do you work for them or is this just to remind you of its awesomeness while you work?

Wow that’s really cool. Are you taking custom orders?

I don’t work for them just a fan of the series and the saying has some personal meaning to me. Made it for my desk at work and the lights just cycle through colors whenever my laptop is docked.

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Looks great. I’m looking for a source of acrylic. Where do you get your’s?

I live in the Phoenix metro area and there is a commercial supplier here (Professional Plastics) that has a small retail storefront where they sell scraps at a discount and take smaller quantity orders. I go there every couple months and sift through the scraps to pick up a few pieces to keep in inventory. This was a scrap piece I had bought there.

Thanks. Wish I had known that a week ago. I was in Fountain Hills last week. I will be back as I go to Mayo Clinic often. I’ll keep in touch.