Just starting my build.... 1000x1000

Hello and good evening fellow makers and creators, I hope all is well in whatever corner of the world you reside.

I have an assembly question that has bothered me for a little bit. In the directions, it states “Insert 2 M5x20mm button head cap screws into the center two counter-sunk holes on your wasteboard” Unless I am missing something, I don’t see any M5x20mm button cap screws. From the materials listing They are supposed to be in a bag marked:25286-42 Button Head Cap Screw M5 x 2o, with a qty of 14. What I have is:25286-43 M5x25mm button cap screws. Will these 25mm screws be used elsewhere in the build, or do I need the 20mm.


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I took a look at the instructions and those 20mm bolts go though an insertion nut into the extrusion that holds the nut. I think another 5mm would bottom out on it. You might want to keep looking through the packs of hardware. Inventables will ship them to you if they are missing, but that’ll hold things up. The cap screws will be used somewhere else.


Thanks for your reply. I figured that would be the case, and yes I will take another look at the packages, I was trying to do this part with tired eyes. Maybe I will hold off til the weekend… Thanks again…

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If you really get stuck you can check out the hardware dept at your local home center. I’ve purchased metric bolts there before when I needed a certain size. They may get you through the assembly until you can replace them with the correct ones.

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Welcome to the forum Trey, what corner of the world do you reside?
Good luck and stay safe
Russell Crawford


I am in the gunshine, sunshine state of hotness that would be Florida. Central Florida to be exact. Closer to Tampa, and yourself?

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Pearl River, Louisiana, about 25 minutes from New Orleans. The weather is nice today 79 degrees and sunny, 36% humidity. Summer is getting close

LMAO! You know it is, and along with that is Hurricane Season. Well nice to make your acquaintance. How long have you been a maker and how long have had your X-Carve?. I am new to this, and just starting out with what seems to be a wonderful hobby. So many ideas, so little time…

Nice to meet you also, I got my machine in August of 2018 so almost 2 years now, time goes be fast. It is a wonderful hobby with lots to learn. Plenty of stuff to carve and keep you busy. The forum is a great place if you get stuck on anything. What are you wanting to carve?

Oh, well there are a number of things that I am interested in. So it’s kind of hard to pin down any one thing. I do have an affinity for skulls, So I have a bunch of things saved along with dragons, faeries, I’m open to almost anything.

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I’m sure you will have fun learning your new machine.

Hi I have an xcarve 1000x1000 problem is that the machine does wrong milling
Have any Ideas how to solve?

Welcome to the forum Zvonimir, what are you trying to mill? Give us more information about what you are doing and someone will help
Thanks Russell

Looks like he is running the start up and it is carving it upside down but i could be wrong.

It mills upside down, i dont know whats the problem

I have many ideas, Acryl, wood

Do you now whats the problem?

I am not sure why it is doing that.

When you tell it to jog right does it go right or left?
Forward, does it go back?
I suspect you have the directions reversed.

When I tell to go right it does go right but when I press arrow down Y goes -

Did you assemble the machine? As Mark said, you may have the motors wired incorrectly.