Karambit style tactical knife made on the x-carve

Ok here we are another torture test out of the way. Thought i would try some harder metal was it fun yes and no.
Out of all my junk saw blades i use to make things with I do believe this was the hardest one i ever worked with. But almost every blade i have ever used was carbide tipped so it has me thinking the metal is of a softer grade.
New bits on the way and better speeds and feeds so I will give it another try.


Thanks @ShaneBell for scratching the last itch I had regarding the capabilities of an XC! Knowing I can take a piece of steel and cut it along with the handle scales is a huge inspiration!

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Around 3 hours please excuse my voice I know i can be a little hard to understand. But I probably got 30 hours in staring at it shaking my head thinking I could just use the plasma cutter but Noooooooooooo I gotta do it the hard way lol. I will have to admit I did not think it would do it.

Wow. Love the oil well for the cut, I’ve actually never seen that before. There seems to be a good market out there for knives, especially those used in martial arts and gaming (CS:GO specifically). Very well done.

The mild steel was the easy part but the saw blade i am not sure what it’s composition was but it was harder than any other i have ever cut. The only mods are steel plate in the x axis and a couple wood blocks glued between the centre of the y and the waste board till i get some angle to put in there and the dewalt everything else is bone stock. The mdf does quite well with the oil for the amount of time i use it. If it soaked up too much I was going to use wax after I glued the piece in to seal It. I am collecting parts now to make a coolant table that will clamp to the waste board with a reservoir that the coolant will filter and drain in to then get pumped back up to the cutter. I can get water soluble cnc oil from work they get it by the 500 gallon container then I blend it with R.O. water then do a viscosity test. I got the ok for a quart that will make a lot of coolant for no more than i will use at a time just filter and store it for the next use.

O.k. time to do this! Pass Or fail here goes nothing I will compile and post video as soon as the test is finished

I will post seperate videos on the fourm on using burr bit to cut with.

first vid done but will take some time to compile. next vid will be started after i get up tomorrow.

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No because in the past I have had saw blades crack and or warp. It might work after i get the forge built where i Have more control over heating and cooling.

burr test vid #1

Thanks for questioning me about annealing the blade it got me thinking and i got it to work. I used the plasma cutter to cut a line from the centre out that stopped the blade from warping. Next dug out the propane weed burner to heat the blade to temp. Nice big controlled flame. Worked flawlessly very easy to bend the milling bits and I thank you.