Kasey' X-Carve build thread!

I’ve seen allot of build threads for both tables and xcarve’s that gave me tons of inspiration so I figured I’d make my own! Hopefully I can gather some suggestions and feedbacks and maybe inspire a few other people!

I guess I could start off with a little bit about me and what I plan to accomplish with my xcarve. First off I’m 23 and I am a licensed electrician and automotive technician. Anything that has to do with electronics excites me! I plan to use the Xcarve to build custom switch panels out of carbon fiber plates for vehicles and portable bluetooth speakers. Basically anything where I can combine electronics with fabricating!

As for the build I ordered the Xcarve 2 1000mm. So I am still waiting to get my tracking information. I decided I would build a table to sit the Xcarve. My goal, something sturdy and cheap. I plan to add drawers and storage space underneath as I gain scrap pieces of wood.

I built the torsion box out of 2x2’s it measures 5 inches wide by 49 inches long. I added the extra 10" to fit thensideboard/xcontrollers. I didn’t buy enough 2x2s so I still plan on adding more braces I guess you can call them. The legs are doubled up 2x4s. And the boards going around the Xcarve I payed 80 cents for I beleive it was pine boards of some sort. I also forgot to mention I am no wood worker so pardon my skills if you see something wrong haha. I also have a sheet of 3/3 inch mdf that I plan to glue on to the top. Here is a question. Is it actually beneficial to add a 3/4 inch sheet on the bottom as well? Is it really worth buying another sheet to do it?

Also I looked into leveling casters and they seem to be pretty expensive. I think I’m gonna go and build my own levelers.


The way you’ve done your top, I don’t think another sheet on bottom will be much benefit. I’d put that mdf on top then put a 1x4 around the edge to dress it up a bit and keep the top nice and flat

That is good to know! I still have to buy a 3/4 inch mdf to make my waste board still. So hoping to not have to buy 2 sheets. Also my plan is to do just that, I was originally just going to nail it on with the gun but figured I’'d be better off putting 2 or 3 screws on so I can replace the surface easily if I had to in the future.

Hey Kasey… I built my workbench 49 x 49… and so far (in the midst of building of my Xcarve) 49 inches is the magic number (that’s what she said… :slight_smile: )

X-Carve with sideboard for me is exactly… 49 1/4" … with a little edge around your workbench she’ll fit just fine (again… that’s what she said… :slight_smile: )

Have fun!

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Wait what? The X-Carve with the sideboard measures only 49 inches? I thought the X-carve was about 49 inches and the sideboard added 10 inches? If that’s the case I guess I am going to have some extra countertop space for activities!

Rail to rail… The X-Carve without the sideboard is about 39-40 inches wide… you can add a few more inches to account for the 2 Y motors. But the sideboard slips under the left side motor… So…total is just a tad over 49"…

Dar’n guess I should of done a bit more research before building! Better to long than to short I guess! Looks Like I atleast will have some room for placing tools and stuff! Thank you for the info! I am super excited to get my xcarve and start building!

You should see the amount of tools and crap sitting around my table right now… lol… trust me, you’ll want the extra space.

That’s what I am worried about! I think I will be adding a drawer or some sort of cabinet under my table sooner than later to prevent all of that! :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe you could help me out! I am trying to get a head start and want to start building my wasteboard, but I can’t seem to find the opensource .pdf for the wasteboard dimensions, I searched the forum and checked the material part and couldn’t see it. Any chance you know the link?


This should link you to the cad drawing…

and i used this video as inspiration to make my wasteboard…

Thank you for this!

He* lol

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I’ve been called worse… :sunglasses:

Hahaha I was cursed with a barely unisex name. That’s why I rather use usernames on forums than names. Lol

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Hi Kasey,
A word of advice, although you may already know this, make sure that your “ladder structure” is dead flat and even before you glue down the top. The recommended way to build a torsion box is to lay the skin on as flat a surface as you can, and glue the structure to the skin as you build it. Of course most of us don’t have a 4x4 dead flat spot to begin with!

If you don’t know how to do this, I’d suggest finding the longest good straight edge that you have, and sliding it across the structure from different angles, noting any high or low spots with a pencil, and then planing or sanding until you get it as flat as you can. Or google “winding sticks”, and use that technique if you prefer.

The flatter you get the structure, the flatter the top, and the happier you will be.

Good luck!


I think dudette may be more fitting , Phil…:wink:

Kasey, If I were you, and obviously i’m not, I would consider skinning the underside of your torsion table with a sheet of cheap plywood since if the top flexes, even in the slightest, the top mdf will go into compresssion mode. a skin on the underside will go into tension mode and the two will pretty much cancl each other out.

As for not gluing the top down to allow for replacement, I have two benchtops in my shop, one that I allow myself to be careless with and after ten years of abuse I am only now even slightly thinking of replacement of one of them. Under the wasteboard of the xcarve, yours will barely recieve a scratch. And gluing it to the understructure will aid in rigidity, alot.

But all in all, once your machine is in it’s home position, unless you have built a trampoline, you will notice little if any moverment . the bigest issue for you will be making sure that the top doesnt have any twist. As @KellyHickel stated, Google “winding sticks”

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Thank you everyone for the feedback and advice! Sounds like I still have some work to do! I’ll be grabbing my level and checking the flatness and I guess I’ll have some sanding to do!

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Look at the x-bench that has been designed with drawers and such that’s what I’m doing. Now comes with instructions and everything

I’ve attached the dimensions of the new X-Carve for your viewing pleasure. Got this from customer success a while back :slight_smile:

740-00003.pdf (1.1 MB)

Thank you for this! Looks like my table will have more than enough space for it! :slight_smile:

As for the xbench, I seen it but decided to build something a bit more simpler. And will add onto it as needed.