Kasey' X-Carve build thread!

Kenny, thanks for the size info. I thought for a minute my X-Carve work table would be too small, but as it turns out my 4ft X 6ft table will work out nicely.

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I said I was going to make my own levelers but my dad landed up finding these for 10$… landed up being cheaper than all the hardware I bought to make my own!

Is the same really provided that you don’t add the extension so the x-bench would still work in this case.

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To each thier I didn’t know if you saw my thread on. Uilding it. I have limited space lol

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I’m glad to see I’m not the only one to build my own, frankly I kept it to myself because I thought it might taboo here. also I’m surprised at the amount of openness to support with a group you got. I feel sharing now to;

nice work so go far, and good luck with the build!


3/8, I was going to go 1/2 but?

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it’s always a compromise between accuracy, cost, and weight. After building a few machines I figured out that the x axis is where the change is. too big and speed slow plus motor cost rise dramatically but are inherently more accurate. the best cost effective motors I can get are around 1600 oz motors. So that limits me to a 5 turn per inch lead screw because double turn leads screws are crazy expensive. in the end I think 160 ipm rapids are tolerable for cost, so I’m kinda stuck in this zone between reliable, accurate, and on slow side.

I would go with the 1/2 if your going to press in bearings or bolt to the thickness/ width of the plate. otherwise it’s just added cost. 3/8 is as strong as 1/2 inch steel, and the weight is almost the same between the two.

Looks like I got a problem to solve! Any ideas how to fi

Is it the entire table or just that corner?

Does it at the other corner to. Almost dips dowb in the middle. Not sure. I’m not a woodworker but I’m assuming this isn’t good.

Is that a torsion box table?

From OP’s pictures I gather he has buildt the torsion box internals only and now wants to glue the top board.
Discrepancies now show indicating and/or twisted internal structure / surface plate (3/4" MDF)
MDF is very subjective to change in humidity and if exposed to high humidity can warp/expand and not fall all the way to original state again.

In order to ensure a twist free torsion box one must:
1 - ensure a level internal structure, check with long straight-edges, on all planes and diagonals
2 - Glue the top surface onto the internal structure laying it top-side-down, on a level surface.
3 - Before glue sets flip over and glue bottom skin. A torsion box require both top and bottom surface.
4 - Let it cure completely before mounting it all.
(2B) - make holes and installtube for running hidden power/signal-wires if desired.

2x2" with top skin alone wont be rigid enough for a stable/warp free top surface.

ThIs explains everything I did! Thank you for the info. I was originally not going to add a bottom mdf but I guess from suggestions I should!

Now with the warp issue do I just glue and clamp the mdf down so that it sits level to the 2x2’s?

In general:
The idea of a torsion box is to have two parallell surfaces (top and bottom sheet) separated in distance by an internal structure. The two sheets will resist twisting/bending in every direction. Think I-beam / wing spar, two long spars with a separator (internals) are stronger then a solid with similar outer gross dimensions. Its lighter and stronger.

Having only one sheet (skin) defeat these properties because the internals are allowed to move relative to each other by applying force.

Specifically, yes - clamp the MDF´s and 2x2´s down and let it cure. In order to correct this you need to have flat and level MDF-boards to begin with, the internals (ribs) will adapt fairly happily being 2x2" and if both skins are glued to the ribs, pressed against a flat surface your box will be solid. Depending on Z-height accuracy / aim, you can at any rate have the CNC surface it flat once installed. :slight_smile:

This is how I did mine.

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Update! My old 2x2 tabletop I didn’t trim flatten or nothing. This seemed to cause pieces to be all different sizes. So decided to redo the table top! 2x2’s sent through the planner all measure the same size. Glued it and screwed. Going to spray foam the interior. Hoping it only takes 1 or 2 cans to do.

Also my xcarve showed up today! 348$ in customs fees later and here it is! Hoping to finish this table tonight so I cab start building this sucker!