Keep Getting miss steps on easel Pro

I have a machine that built and using easel pro I have a CNC xPRO Controller V3 board and I already had to replace the driver on the Z axis and this board has the ability to connect a external driver so I did that and it worked for a while got a hold fo the company and they said they can fix it but the turn around rate for it was going to be long and I couldn’t wait that long. I have had like this for about a year I hooked up a TB6560 driver and set the same settings i had on the board. Then last month I had an issue where I was missing steps on the X axis and it ruined a couple of projects. I adjusted the current pot on it and thought that fixed it after running a test cut and i started a the same project i had before and it did it again ruined the project the X axis was running off and cutting was off. So I dod the same thing as I had done the Z axis and connected a external driver and it did it again read some posts here and people were saying it could be the USB cable I changed that same thing then I connected the router on another extension cord separate from power supply. And I think that had helped it well for the projects i needed to do I was able to get them done ran a bunch of test run before sticking my expensive wood in there. I was able to get them cut and had not touched the machine in about 1 month. So I decided to cut some other stuff out and it happened again on the Z axis this time. Was cutting fine half way through the job and all of sudden it drove the z down further than needed and tried moving and snapped off bit. Only thing I can say that happen before was that I was setting up the touch probe and when the z axis was going to down to probe and touched it and when i retracted up it topped off cause I had adjusted the router a while back ago and I heard a stuttered. So started again and I adjusted the router and the Z axis did want to move so I powered down the machine and turned it on and same thing the Z axis was making a stuttered and not moving. I powered it down and checked the Z axis couldn’t see anything wrong with it. I was able to move it freely with machine off I was able to move it down and up with out any noise with my hand. Turned on the machine again and tried it again and it worked this time I set up the cut and was able to complete a simple cut. I tried another job and it screwed up the cut half way again. Could it be the board thats going bad I have external boards on the there?

The only thing I am thinking that I am doing different than the past projects is that I have been setting the speeds kinda of high. 70 inches per minute and the plunge rate to about 20. You thing the speeds are too much for the board?

  • Stalled steppers (making grinding noise when attempting to move) is the result of insufficient torque to perform the move. Period :slight_smile:
  • The faster a stepper rotate (RPM) the less torque is available.

What are your GRBL parameters (primarely value $100-$122) ?

Well I have been running the same settings since building machine and never had a problem for 2 years. The only thing I did different now was running a little faster on the easel and the grinding came from topping off the Z axis to the very top of the Z axis and it felt like it was stuck there when I tried moving back down it wouldn’t move. You think when it tried going upo and topped off it might messed up the driver? The driver board I have it on has dip switches for the current and I think they have them on 2.2 amps as the motors are rated for 2.7 or something like that.

It probably didnt do anything to the driver but I´d do a close inspection of the mechanical aspects of the Z in case something is loose/bent/misaligned.