Kentucky-X Carve

Hi everyone! First and foremost let me say what an amazing group this is. The support is overwhelming. Thank you all!
I am looking for someone in Kentucky that might be able to help me one on one. Is there anyone here that can help me?

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I’ve been talking with Patty about her problems. She had someone else assemble her machine for her and it’s causing problems that are causing frustrations. She could really use someone experienced to give her machine a once-over and a bit of coaching.


hey patty if you pm I can help with most things over email and phone if you wish and if coaching on tooling or job setup is something that your looking for I can help with that as well

I am in Missouri so not local but close

but shoot me a pm if you would like


What town in Kentucky, I live in TN

Where in Kentucky?

I am in Lawrenceburg KY. I can travel if someone is close enough

I’m in Alaska, you’re welcome to visit!

Alaska is on my bucket list. I would love to visit. I only have 2 places to visit on my list Alaska & Hawaii. Total opposites.

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hello, are you available to help me on a little project?