Keyboard Controls - New Setting?

I noticed recently (as in the past week) that once Easel is opened, the keyboard control toggle is now off, instead of on as it always was. I hit an arrow key to jog, and nothing happens. Oh I forgot, I now have to turn on the toggle to access the keyboard controls/short cuts.

Anybody else? Something I did?


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Checked different browsers?

No sarcasm here, but used Chrome since day one, with ZERO issues. OK, lets see what browser choice there is besides Chrome. Internet Explorer? Opened EASEL in IE, and it says please use Firefox or Chrome. I am not installing Firefox just for this annoyance.

I use Firefox personally. Hadn’t had much in the way of issues.

I am using Chrome and noticed this just start happening a week or so ago. It is an annoyance but I just figured it was a software update.