Keyhole bits. T Slots

Is there a way, through easel, to cut t-slots or otherwise use bits that cut more at bottom than top, and tell the machine either where to plunge and ascend or to go in from the side? like to avoid just having the full size of the bit popping up everywhere?

There are a couple ways to run t-slot. Basically either your cuts have to start and end before and after the materials edge or you need to draw your t-slot vectors as a line with a very slight axis change then a line that backtracks back to the starting point of the vector. Also make sure your cut depth is in the tool database is the full depth of the tslot your making so the slot will be cut in a single pass.

What is a vector? And can I do that inside easel or is that another program?

Check out the “Keyhole Generator” app under the Apps section in Easel. Apps are located under the menu bar item that looks like a Lego. The app should generate the correct code for use with a keyhole bit.


Brandon Parker

I’ve seen that, and it might be my only option at this point with the amount of knowledge I have, but its not exactly what I was looking for.