Keyhole Generator App Video

I tested out the keyhole generator app and I love it. There are a few tips that I give to you that hopefully will make it easier to use. I know I am going to use it for every project from now on. Thanks to Sean and to Inventables. Here is the link to the video:


I will give you a thumbs up Phillip good job.


Thank you very much!

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Very helpful and informative. I’ve only ever done them with a handheld router … kind of a pain.

And I’ve only ever cut them horizontally across the top middle. Was curious to see you (apparently) doing vertical.

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This is a great video, and a great little app for the x carve! I do wish it would show a correct illustration of the cut though, so I can verify the orientation of the cut before carving! Dont ask me how I figured that one out… lol

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The simulate shows where the bit enters the project.