Keyhole Slot?

Anybody successfully used a keyhole router bit to make a keyhole slot using Carvey?

I have seen that gcode, but it is for the xcarve. :confused:

interesting. it’s the first time I heard of “Slot Cutter Router Bit”
any links for bits you have used successfully?

I’ve used this one several times to cut slots for hanging some of my signs.

Thanks!! I have been using the direction arrows manually. I’ll be giving this a try first thing.

I just tried it. Twice! Works great.

Yeah, the manual process works but is slow because you have to make the increments so small.

Thanks again.

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Not the carvey but done with easel. Basic keyhole slot with easel

I have made keyhole tools paths in Fusion 360 and used on the x-carve and my big machine

actually pretty simple to make in fusion or v-carve pro

if you need help with any of those 2 programs I can help