Kids stool

Need to stain or paint after I round the edges


I really like it, Is it 4 parts (6 with stretchers) ? What are the dimensions of the largest part?

Looking good! What software did you use to design the stool. What kind of wood is that? I have been thinking about making a stool but wasn’t sure how to do the connections. Yours looks really clean.

We have so many questions. (you know you did a good job when everyone wants to copy it)

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Project! Project! :smile:

Great build, that looks fantastic!

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Thanks! here are answers to your questions.

Yes 4 main parts and 6 stretchers.

the sides are the largest parts with a measurement of 13.47x12.47"

I used pen and paper to start, then modeled it in rhino. Once I am happy with the design, I lay out the solids and extract their curves for cutting.

The material used for this was .78" plywood of some sort (i think pine) that home depot had laying around so they gave it to me. Happened to be the perfect size for this project. The tops are mdf. If i were to do it again with purposed wood, it would either be .75 mdf if painted or birch ply if stained.

the connections are kind of a slot joinery. The tops are also fitted on with a kind of slot joint.

I am considering doing a project version of this. Thinking about creating a tutorial on/around the design process which may be more helpful to others than simply releasing my plans based on the questions received. What do y’all think? tip jar project maybe :wink: ?


some other details

.25 downcut

doc on the ply .06
feed = 65ipm

doc on mdf .06
feed = 75ipm

@AbearDesign are the inner edges of the cutouts filleted or just the outer ones? Hard to tell at this angle. BTW: looks great, and I like it that color, so would go with a transparent poly finish personally…

Thanks! not sure what you mean by inner edges.

the spans are a perfect fit to the sockets and the top leg rest on top of the bottom stool top.

the sockets are cut strait through if that is what you are asking.

Sorry, way undercaffeinated this morning. I meant:

yes, the inside is the same as the outside. both sides of the stool are the same so for production, it’s just the same cut.

This project has been posted

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Awesome! And now I know where you get your username from :smirk:

Will be adding more to the instructions as far as finishing, I decided to hide the joints on this one so I will cover a way to do this. After i sand that back down, primer will be applied, then paint.

Another note, there are more spans than needed in the file. This is because I was experimenting with a new back joiner for more stability. It works, so I am going with that, however, for your own, the parts are there. If using the joined bridges, 2 single bridges can be removed to save cut time.

Haha. yeah, I know telemarketers every time when they ask for Herbert… nope no one by that name. or, heebert.

Just threw two coats of primer on, If it’s dry enough before the end of the night, I’ll be throwing 1 coat of paint.


The project is finished. If anyone has any suggestions or questions regarding the instructions, let me know. This is my first instructional write up, so I wanted to be sure to be thorough. Let me know your thoughts.

As a note, I realized after doing this, that I could have made the side joints blind/hidden rather than going all the way through. If you want to take this approach, set the depth of cut maybe 1/32-1/16 away from cutting all the way through. This way it won’t go through but is secure enough to serve as the support it should.