Kingplastic luster

Has anyone used the Kingplastic Color Core? When cutting down to the middle layer, I had a couple “tool” lines. I tried to sand them out, but now the luster or brightness of the inside layer’s color is dulled. I have sanded down to a 400 grit so far, but before sanding even more, is it even going to matter or work? Is there some way to buff it out and bring the color back or do I need to continue sanding up to a high grit? Or is it not going to come back? FYI it’s the white with blue in the middle. Thanks

If you have a scrap to test on, I’d give a heat gun a try. Careful you don’t heat too much.
HDPE is a soft plastic, so sanding will cloud it. In the future, try running the job again with a different step over. Sanding the inside of an HDPE carve sounds like a nightmare.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ll try that next time. I hit mine with some polishing compound on a Dremel felt polishing wheel. It did buff out the clouding due to sanding, but it still didn’t get back to that bright blue that I got after the milling. Also, the compound, which is reddish brown, got stuck in tiny crevices and slightly stained the white (which I had to sand down). Sanding on white didn’t make a difference in color. Oh, and if you use the Dremel, be sure to use light pressure…I dug down into the plastic a little bit when I first started. I think next time I will use a different bit. I used a ¼" to rough and a 1/16" for detail. The ¼" is what left marks. I’ll just use a 1/16" upcut for the entire project since it was only a small piece to begin with.

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