Kit option changes - (resolved by customer service - temporary change)

I was thinking it might be time for some upgrading - my original purchase of the 500mm machine was an entry point into the CNC world (apart from my 3D printer) and it has served its purpose. No disappointment here.

The contemplated changes were starting to add up to some big dollars so I thought maybe I should just buy a new machine to augment the 500mm.

Went to the build your machine page and discovered that you can no longer buy the machine without also buying the X-controller and the stepper motors with the kit.

Major let down. $498 for things I don’t need just to get an X-carve. Not likely.:disappointed:

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I think you are probably right, but it goes beyond what I would like to get. It shows a shift in the company thinking that is the concern.

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Hi All, I wanted to post an official response from Inventables on this issue. First, I really appreciate the feedback. The team working on the holiday sale decided that during the sale period we would only offer certain default X-Carve configurations. The large majority of our orders are for the default configuration. I understand this is not ideal for someone who doesn’t need the controller or the motors for example. We are planning to resume offering more customizable configurations once the sale is over. Again, it was not our intention to upset anyone with this decision. I am sorry if we did. I will review the feedback with our sales and marketing department.

Hi Larry,

Depending on your desired upgrade you may be able to order many of the items you need individually from our site without going through the configurator. If you can provide more details I am happy to help put together a list of things if it helps save you time. Let me know, Phil

Hi, Phil.

Thanks for the feedback. Sorry to raise a fuss, but without any context it appeared that Inventables had removed the option of not ordering those two items.