Klampus Challenge - Who's in?

The first Klampus Challenge is now live!

That dirty rascal Klampus came into your workshop in the middle of the night, took all your clamps, and left you 3 lumps of coal! To get them back, you must build a project without using clamps.

(For safety, you can use clamps on power tools like the X-Carve. As a rule of thumb, if you may lose your thumb without a clamp then you can use a clamp.)

What can you build without clamps that will impress him enough to give you back your clamps?

Details are spelled out in the video below, and the most recent updates (plus entries and prizes) are available on my website at http://klampus.manhattanwoodproject.com

The challenge starts immediately, and ends on December 5, 2016.


I like it.

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WE HAVE A WINNER!!! LOL @PhilJohnson


That looks like a stick in the back yard…

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Doesn’t qualify. I see a clamp there. :laughing:


Not a video, doesn’t qualify. May Klampus have mercy on your clamps… :laughing: