Knowing about solid end mills

Hello, I am checking applications to calculate feedrates, etc and I wonder if I am getting all the info correctly:

For example these cheap “1/8 x 1/4 4 Flute HSS & Aluminium End Mill Cutter CNC Bit Cutting Tool”, I added a database entry:

It is correct? Strange that for the category “Solid End Mill” there was no HSS tools in HSMAdvisor, maybe I am confusing materials?

HSS means high speed steel. Not sure if that’s what you were asking. The ad above seems like a really bad translation, that’s all.

my basic question is about if that mill is hss? or carbide? they are mutually exclusive?

An end-mill is either HSS (high speed steel) or carbide, not both.


Developer here.
You are supposed to select all the info about your cutter on the very first Speeds and Feeds tab. That includes tool type and the material it is made of. HSS, Carbide etc ie just what it is made of.
There is no “HSS Carbide Endmill” in existence:)

Hope this helps.