Knurled Aluminum Knob


Do I need to order one these for the new Carve 1000mm? Why and Which one?

Thank You for any input!!

I got one when I got my 1kX1k for the classroom, but it was part number 30309-03 without a handle and I have not had any problem with it hitting the Dewalt 611, however I also have never really used it. But it is there if and when I ever need to make a fine adjustment to the Z (like it is not deep enough towards the last cut).

I agree with Phil. I have one of the knobs and it just sits now as I prefer to use the machine as intended and use the software to move the Z axis, never need to touch any axis for that matter.

Just work on getting familiar with that machine and it’s limits and you can move the spindle around pretty fast.


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Jog machine with the controls but if you must you do have a machine the can easily produce this knob one from plastic or hardwood or metal. Also set yourself up a touch plate then there is really no use for this knob. Just my 2 cents.


If I had a 4th axis rotoary I would make my own. :smiley: