Kudos to Charley Thomas

I had some issues getting my Triquetra 3 axis zero block to work. Charley Thomas called me at my request, and spent nearly three hours on the phone working through various issues. I learned a lot today. I’m not certain I understand it all, but I will get through it.

The point I want to make is that anyone willing to spend three hours on the phone with me, deserves a medal. Charley was patient, answered all my questions, walked me through a lot of procedures and generally got me up and running.

Charley really cares about his customers and goes not the extra mile, but the extra light year to help people out. And his depth of knowledge is absolutely amazing. I cannot say how much I appreciate his help, as there are not enough words to express it.

Just know that if you get any product from Charley, and I recommend you get them all, then rest assured you have one of the nicest guys in the universe standing behind it.

Thank you again @CharleyThomas


It was a pleasure to work with you Marc. I only did what I believe any seller “should” do to support their product. Glad you got things going.



I’m glad to hear Charley was able to help you get the Triquetra working with PicSender. Can you relay what the issue was to help others?

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We searched for a while and finally found a wire that had a poor connection. Replaced the wire with a good one and bingo!! There was also a problem with how the g-code file was being saved by windows when creating it with the Triquetra Tool Box. It seems that the last update in Windows 10 affected the default encoding of text files. They are being saved with hidden characters that define the font used and other paragraph info. You can’t see them when you open the files for editing but they are there and easily seen by the CNC Controller which is causing some machines to throw errors.

I just sent out a newsletter from Triquetra CNC that explains this and how to fix it. Really simple though, just open the generated code in Windows Note Pad and change the Encoding option on the save dialogue to ANSI and save the file. Simple as that.

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Mine comes in the mail today. I can’t wait to get it and get it setup. I am glad I found this product from Charley.