Kudos to Inventables

I just want to tell all the naysayers out there that Inventables has made a superior product. This week I was working on a project for a client, that due to my own lack of experience with feeds, speeds and depth of cut, resulted in a cut that lasted a while. 5 days in fact, with everything running 24 hours a day, for all of those 5 days. The machinery didn’t miss a beat, and everything worked as expected. No missed steps, no overheating, no static discharges or EMI problems, no parts flying all over the place. The only thing that failed in the entire process was me.

So thanks to Inventables and their engineering, service and customer support. I cannot say enough nice things. @Zach_Kaplan, please pass this along to the entire staff. They deserve to hear good news!


Thanks for the feedback @MarcCohen I sent an email to the team that included your message.

We really appreciate you ordering from us and giving feedback that you had a wonderful experience.

I die to see a photo of what took that long. Please share


5 Days? I get antsy when my carves take more than 15 minutes.

Great to hear some success stories. I too have had a lot of success with my X-Carve and I know I’m pushing it harder than it ought to be sometimes. I’ve had exactly one issue with the screws on the nylon block backing out, but once I glued the heads down they haven’t budged. I check the belts and wheels every Saturday and have only had to adjust them a few times in 6 months.

I recently passed the point where my X-Carve has paid for itself and I’m looking toward buying another and mod it with the linear rail for more Z axis travel.