kWh figure

Does anyone have the average kWh that the X Carve uses when running a project? Just an average is good.


It is actually pretty easy to figure out.

Amps x Volts = Watts

Get that figure for the Router and for your Controller and add them together. Then lets look at a 1 hour run time.

Watts x Time = Watt hours

Watt hours / 1000 = Killowatt hours

Hope that helps (I am a solar guy so I deal with this a lot)

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I think the variable is the spindle. How hard is it worked by aggressive feed rates?

To appease my “finance czar” I trip the breaker on the hot tub while in my shop. When I am done, I turn it back on. Consequently, my hobby has a net positive effect on our energy consumption. (that’s the story I am sticking to).


There are two items that draw power when carving:
1 - Xcarve PSU (360W? max)
2 - Dewalt 611 (900W max but rarely achieve this during typical usage)

So 360W+ 900W give you a possible total of 1,26kWh max. I would think the typical consumption would be 50% or slightly less of max, in the 0.5-0.6kWh range.

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1.26kWh per hour of run time. (just clarifying your answer for everyone)

In my area that equals out to be about $0.15/hour running time… for Angus it is about $.55(US) (im guessing… I know electricity is expensive down there.)

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Do use a solar generator to power your xcarve ? Thinking about the new jackery .