Kyle Bechtold's projects

So my first project was the buccaneers flag. A lot of detail and paint work.
My next was much easier, but figured I would post it as it was a good 2nd project. These are for a co worker. I have more intricate pieces lined up and once confirmed and paid I will post those up.


Thanks. The tuning and recommendations on here helped a bunch.

Although I won’t act perfect I did almost run over a clamp on this one. After adjusting my home position to account for a knot and not re-measuring my clamp position it came close, but a quick pause and adjustment solved for it.

A couple more


Not a fan of this one, but they wanted it and paid for it.

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building my up my shop on facebook. These seem to be popular so I jumped in.

Couple more done. The address plaque wasn’t locked down all the way.