L O N G Sign?

Has anybody done a long sign I am looking at 10 feet with letters about 4 - 5 inches high
auch as

I am looking for how to re position pieces to continue accuracy as I move the piece through the x carve.
Alignment pins?
Other Ideas?
Please advise,

An early image of some of the 80 plus deck boards I did this past summer for a local restaurant.

each is 8 feet in length and 6 " over all in width

I used the "tile " function in vcarve pro. I measured in 3 inches from the end, made a mark then 33 inches, and 66 figuring to stay within the cutting area of the XC.
As each section finished cutting, the spindle would return to zero +.02 in the z axis for the safety height and I would reposition the board. I made a point to have guide blocks on the waste board to maintain alignment of the letters. for a ten foot sign you could set up with 24 " tile sections and run it with 4 repositionings or set what ever suits your fancy that fits your needs.

As i mentioned, I did this with vcarve pro, I dont know howor if it can be done this way in easel.

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