Label Making / Acrylic Tags

Not sure if I’m posting in the right thread so I apologize up front :slight_smile:

Wanted to know if anyone with the Xcarve had attempted tags in the picture I posted below… The ones I’m interested in attempting are made of a two-ply acrylic.

Just wondering what your experience may have been, and any tips that can be provided. Thanks in advance!

I’ll add this is my first post. I am considering purchasing an Xcarve for this and several other projects.

I’ve done a couple and it was very easy to do on the XCarve. Only thing I learned quickly was make sure you get your depths dead on accurate and that the bed is level from surface of material to Z-Zero on the spindle or scrap material will be quickly made.

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Thanks for the response!

That’s most likely what I’ll be doing Robert. I am in the Electrical field and we very often need labels for panels, disconnects etc and customer prefer them made with the plastic labels.

You said set up a file, like a template? then just plug in the info when you need to make labels…

I’m also very excited to get started with some personal projects on this machine too!! :smile:

Cool Scott!

Thanks for the advise!

Where do you get your material from?

they supply the engraving industry and have a wide range of this type material. Also sheet aluminum and brass.

Great, Thanks

Hi Joe, had some 2 layer tag stock at work and thought it was time to try out my engraving bit. Piece is 75mm x 24mm. I used a .01 in engraving bit. Hope this helps.



Thank you so much! I am amazed at the support that is available through this forum.