Lap Joints for Wood Window Frame

I am thinking about making a lap joint for a wood window frame. We currently make them using our miter saw and radial pull saw but I think using the CNC machine would be more accurate. I am wondering if anyone has done any lap joints and if so what bits they did they use. I was thinking about using a straight bit.

Thank you

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There’s no reason you cant do that.
I’ve done it my self using a .25 EM
And yes, they will be much more accurate.


Yes this is a very simple thing to do, when i do it, i mark my center of the material on the material, and layout where i need the lap joint to end. Instead of trying to make the file in easel, i just use a 1/4" end mill and manually jog the machine back and forth over my material to my lines i marked. Make sure your material is good and square on the machine and you can do it very quickly with this method.
However if its something you do often, (i dont use lap joints often in my shop) it may make more sense to mess around with some scrap and set a stop on the machine, and make the file in easel so it can be repeated.


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